Project Update!

Our latest project has two large commercial kitchen installations. We have fully designed the wiring systems to coordinate with the kitchen suppliers requirements.

Using 100x100mm steel trunking, 20/25mm galvanised conduit and LS0H single core cable we were able to deliver the first fix within the programmed time, and also included a few extras too!


Trunking Conduit Singles

CGS Electrical Services – Commercial Kitchen installation

Installation of containment and wiring prior to the area being plaster boarded, white rocked and finished.

Conduit on wall - CGS Electrical Services

CGS Electrical Services – Commercial Kitchen installation Wall view

As speed was critical to this element of the works we utilised a Hilti GX120-ME nail gun and Hilti conduit saddles to secure the 25mm Galvanised conduits to the structure.

Steel Trunking

CGS Electrical Services – Commercial Kitchen installation corner View

Floor chases were neccesarry to for power installation for centre island appliances within the kitchen.

CGS Electrical Services - Cable Basket

CGS Electrical Services – Commercial Kitchen installation Resturant area May 2016

This area will be the restaurant. CGS Electrical Services have undertaken the lighting design to coordinate with the architects general arrangement plans.


We are really excited to be working on this project, and look forward to keeping the updates flowing on the blog sections of the website.

Site Design Work!

Sometimes on a fast moving project it is essential to work from site to achieve the optimum output in the minimum time!


Here we are carrying out some electrical lighting design on site.

Laptop - Design - CGS Electrical Services

Working on Dialux for lighting design whilst on site.